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  1. The Ecosystem

(Words of wisdom via Camilo Pardo)

My Design Education at the College of Art and Design helped make me official. But, I've been an artist, a creator all me life, to be honest. I was lucky to attend a world class school and have the legendary Camilo Pardo as a young enthusiatic instructor in my Visual Communications class. Gr8 memories. This short video about Camilo, depicts how you can present the best image for your personal brand and a powerful, effective design brand!

| Over 15 years as a StartUp Pro and a former owner of a Social Media firm in UK
BKLTD takes chances.  In 2016 we pitched Silicon Valley pioneer and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis' ambitions startup INSIDE . The result was more great work for us to be proud of. 

| Please see the Social Media deck below to see how we can easily build ALL the Joe Agius Brands online and in very little time. (as we did for another Madison Avenue professional Mickey Paxton > SEE here

* Psst - we also gave him the 'insiders' discount, minor fee so cover assets and core time only. NO high priced design and usage fees, etc! 


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