| Our Latest Business Venture Offers a Unique Consultant Skillset to Corporations: and an effective method for hacking American Style Racism. 

| Yes, #Semiotics (and applied semiotics, in this context) are popular, academic fare. #ApSm (we'll call it) are usually presented as soft-science, proven theorems via logical, anova equations. Those r the nodes I've studied for years. But, I see something more IMMEDIATE with @EthnicAssets' take on Applied Semiotics®  The rudiments of the science are all important to hacking today virulently racist, anti-African climate in the West (particularly)
| In our view, Semiotics can be applied, mined for knowledge resources. Or, (and) they can be weaponized, to subdue villainous, destructive, racist activity (that's run amok) determined to erase peoples of the African race. Hopefully? My co-founding of Applied Semiotics® is the beginning of an offensive to stem the growth of these insidious racist phalanxes active in today's austere workplace and society. 

| We need seed funding to endeavour to build a platform to scale. We'd like to open a dialogue with key seed investors who understand the incredible value of ethnic advisory services to a veritable vacuum on a vast horizontal business plane. Even the mighty consultants like Accenture or Yankee Group scoff at the need for ethnic advisory service and instead scale white male only defaults. Another goal of ApSm is to build new race-dialectics which do not presently exist. There is no other way to explain that we are heading to uncharted territory on race matters in the USA and the West. This would be terribly expensive academic and consultant research project, estimated at nearly $130M USD*

Contact B. J. Koranache for a comprehensive introduction to our academic influenced high level manifesto called EthnicAssets (EA). EA is a irreverent, uncompromising learning research node, using Social Media tools (like Twitter) to build an unprecedented knowledge base. Over the last decade alone EA has engaged some of the most insidious racist minds (like US racist leader Richard Spencer) and some of the most progressive race-pluralist movements on the Internet (like French blogger Terence Blake). Our goal is to build an AI+Human platform for less than $15M USA over 36 months. 
Applied Semiotics® 
Our goal is to raise at least $178,500.00* USD to launch, staff and run ApSm for one fiscal quarter in 2020.
We are selling 10K Points for Confidence/SEED at $1780.00 per 100.

Seed Investment*Equity Owned 
$1780.00 100 pts 
 $8900.00500 pts 
 $178.0010 pts 


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